Mating in Flight Alara Branwen



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16 pages


Mating in Flight  by  Alara Branwen

Mating in Flight by Alara Branwen
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 16 pages | ISBN: | 8.29 Mb

Warning: This book contains Dragon Sex, Virgin Sex, Oral Sex, and Vaginal Sex, and Breeding. It is known to cause wetness in women and stiffness in men. Read at your own risk!This story is intended for mature audiences.It is mating season for the dragons, and Ylana, a young, beautiful sorceress, casts a summoning spell in hopes of calling one of the magical creatures so it will breed with her. It is a rare honor for a dragon to answer a sorceress call, mate with her, and impregnate her with his child.The young woman did everything she could to increase her chances of calling a dragon, including keeping her virginity in tact (since dragons like virgins).

Her effort pays off when a large dragon appears and tells her he would like to mate with her. The creature takes her on a flight where they have wild, passionate sex while soaring through the skies.Words: 4900

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