God is Gay S.A. David


Published: February 5th 2013



God is Gay  by  S.A.  David

God is Gay by S.A. David
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S. A. David says he started reading and writing at a very early age, and attributes this devotion and passion to his mother.I became a citizen of the literary world as soon as I could recite the twenty six alphabets of the English Language off-hand and used them to, correctly and sometimes incorrectly, spell. I was in kindergarten and I used to rip the pages of my school books so I could doodle what I would now call abstracts. But the mindless sketches I drew on paper did not make sense in the eyes of my mother who ensured that I never tore my books again, maybe that was why I never became an artist.

When I continued to rip the poor pages of my books to do my regular mindless sketches, even into my primary school level, my lovely mother had to number the pages of my books and if I ripped anyone which she was sure to find out, she would spank my hands with the rod of correction and she would say read your reader and stop tearing your books.She unconsciously instilled in me the sacredness of books.

Daddy did not bother much about my books as long as I returned with an impressive report card at the end of the term. All he did was to provide our needs and Im sure he knew he had a wife who cared very much about chidren and so took advantage of it. Albeit he contributed to my rich vocabulary as he ensured that I learnt two new words every day which consequently made me know the meaning of words- words that people had never heard or come across- and the right context for their utilization but I could not tell a simple meaning when asked.After my mother succeeded in making me resent fine art, I took to reading anything I came across and that was how I stumbled upon My Book of Bible Stories- a Watchtower publication, that summarized the bible, for children.

However, before I stumbled upon the Christian Literature, I finished reading the Macmillian English Language text prescribed for my levels before the teacher was done and it made me long to read the prescribed text for the next class. I was already an avid reader at a very early age as the first characters I came in contact with were Simbi, Ali, Agbo, Edet and Idris.Reading opened a void that it could not fill.

As I read what I came across and what came across me, I found out that my questions were piling with no answers. But I did not give up reading. I continued reading in the hopeless hope that I would some day find the answers to my questions and that the answers would shine light through the deep opened void. I started to write some really offensive stories that nobody ever read because I made sure no one ever saw it.Nevertheless in Primary three I stopped writing and I did not know why.But in primary five I resumed writing my offensive stories which I either chewed the paper until it became paper mash or burnt it when none of my parents was around.

It was at this same time of my life that I started doing some funny journalistic writing also because my form teacher asked every primary five pupil to watch the network news everyday and report it in their own words. Anyone who failed to obey the said instruction was sure to be spanked with the rod of correction. My passion for writing continued until I became a secondary school student.In junior secondary school, my writing ceased. For the second time I did not know why, it just ceased and I was just a child doing his best to survive in a boarding school.

I was concerned only about making sure I credited Math so as to impress my father who was paying exhorbitant school fees. I wanted to be a doctor because daddy wanted his first child to be a doctor and I bought the idea. During preps, while my classmates read, I drew charts of how my hospital would look.

I had the dream of having every department and area of specialization in my hospital. Maybe my dreams were invalid.When I made it to...proceed to https://www.sadavid.com/full for full story.

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